Tarot Predictions

1. Love and Relationships:

Tarot:-Seven of Pentacles
Planet:- Saturn

In case of Akshay Sethi, Seven of Pentacles suggests that investement and efforts have to be his companion which means that he needs to invest some time and effort in his love relationships as he may be waiting for a true partner to blossom his life. It also predicts that he needs to keep a long term vision as short term investment in relationships gives failure most of the times for example, his past relationships. Overall, Akshay Sethi needs to be patient and invest himself in a long term relationship which can be fruitful for him forever as love is not a one day match but it needs time, effort, trust and compromise for each other.

2. Money:-

Tarot:-Six of wands
Planet:- Jupiter
Zodiac:- Leo

In tarot reading of Akshay Sethi, six of wands is bringing success and victory for him with a good news that soon his prosperous time period will come. It may happen that soon he will get a good project or be may invest his money in a business or get huge collaboration with someone. Even his past efforts are about to pay dividends in the form of recognition, grace and a material reward. Overall, it indicates that Akshay Sethi had worked hard and he will reap the rewards now.

3. Career:-

Tarot:-Seven of Pentacles
Planet:- Saturn

For Akshay Sethi, Ten of Wands predicts burden than a blessing as his efforts are not paying because his destination is blurred. He might be feeling overworked, less paid and under rated. Moreover, Ten of Wands motivates to do hard work only. He needs to be diligent, responsible, avoid bad habits and push his emotions only then his hard work will pay off.

4. Health:-

Tarot:- Knight of Pentacles
Planet:- Sun
Zodiac:- Leo and Virgo

Knight of Pentacles is a welcome card for Akshay Sethi as it indicates that soon his will regain his physical strength and if he is ill then he will recover fast. Also, he will surely get his renewed sense of energy. It also predicts for him to stay healthy and follow healthy lifestyle by eating right, having sound sleep and doing proper exercise.

5. Spirituality:-

Tarot :-Three of Pentacles
Zodiac:- Capricorn

Three of Pentacles is a wish card for Akshay Sethi as his spirituality is stunning and if he follow or learn new spiritual contexts then his spirituality will reach on next level. Overall,if Akshay Sethi put his effort in spiritual development then he will be definitely rewarded.




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