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What Colour Will Be Best For You This Holi?

Holi is a joyous and colourful festival for all. It brings happiness around your surroundings by spreading beautiful colours.

But do you know you can bring more happiness in your life by choosing the right holi colour for you?

Of course, colours change mood and refresh us. But this also bring happiness when you choose the right holi colour as per your and other dear ones birth date.

So, I will tell you what is the suitable color for you this Holi.

Those with Birth date;

1,10,19 & 28 = Light Blue Color is their source of happiness.

2,11,20 & 29 = Green & White

3,12,21& 30 = Pink, Yello, Blue & Purple

4,13,22& 31 = Yellow & Blue

5,14 & 23 = Silver, Yellow & Purple

6,15 & 24 = Light Pink, Yellow, Blue & White

7,16 & 25 = Light Green, Yellow, Blue & White

8,17 & 26 = Red & Natural Colors

9,18 & 27 = Red, Maroon & Blue

You can play with these colours on holi and notice the positivity and confidence in yourself.

Follow these small tips and bring happiness in your life.

Wishing You All Happy Holi.

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