Tarot time period – Numerological Method
This is very common method. Some people says cups represent weeks. Why cups represent week? Because it depends upon in which hemisphere you live? Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere
Wands  represent days
Swords represent weeks
Cups represent months
Pentacles represents years
Suppose you got nine of pentacles and question is when will I get married? Is it possible to get married in 9 years when you are marriageable age answer is no. Mostly tarot validity is for one year 6 months
For eg you got five of cups, queen of cups and ace of pentacles.
Also court cards are assigned numbers, which follow in order a sequence from 10 of any suit. Pages = 11, Knights= 12, Queens=13, and Kings=14.
Common are cups so we can consider it as a month. Total 18 months or 1+8=9
Numerological method I don’t consider past card I will consider present and future card that is Queen of cups  that is ace of pentacles
Queen of Cups is 13
And ace of pentacles is 1
13+1=14 (1+4=5)
You can say 5 months, 5 weeks 5 days see the possibilities of the question


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