A good mind, a good heart, warm feeling are most important. If you have these things your family and friends will be happy as well.
It is necessary to generate a mind of altruism wishing to remove others suffering and to achieve others happiness. If you cultivate love, compassion, and such forth for your own welfare, seeking happiness only for yourself, you are bound within a selfish viewpoint which will not lead to good results. If you assume a humble attitude, your own good qualities will increase, whereas when you are full of pride, there is no way to be happy. It is on the based of false reason that we take pride in ourselves and feel superior to others, and, conversely, we can counter pride by reflecting on others good qualities and our own bad qualities.
Our real enemies are anger, pride and competitiveness. When you get angry generate love or start reverse counting. If you are angry with someone never neglect that person just create a strong a strong attitude of cherishing them and holding them.


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