There are several ways to create a sacred space that is comfortable and easy to maintain while traveling:


  • Choose a Safe and Peaceful Location: Find a place where you feel secure and calm, free from disturbances.


  • Cleanse the Space: Use sage or singing bowls to cleanse the area where you will be creating your sacred space.


  • Gather Natural Objects: Collect items from nature such as feathers, crystals, shells, drums, or cards to use in your sacred space.


  • Incorporate the Elements: Include elements like soil and stones for earth, feathers and incense for air, candles for fire, and shells and holy water for water.


  • Call Upon Guides or Guardians: Invoke your guides or guardians through prayer and meditation, setting your intention for the sacred space.


  • Visualization and Ritual: Visualize your intention and then engage in drumming, chanting, dancing, or meditation as part of your ritual and practice.


  • Express Gratitude: Conclude your ritual by expressing gratitude to all the elements, guides, and guardians for their presence.


  • By following these steps, you can create a sacred space that supports your spiritual practices while on the go.


You can also take the help of Shamanic expert – Ruma Marwah.


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