Major General Gagandeep Bakshi Numerology and Tarot Predictions

Born on 1.6.1950

With number 1 i.e from his basic number and 4 from his destiny number.

Combination of Sun and Rahu:- The combination of Sun and Rahu makes him open minded.

In His Name

Gagandeep Bakshi

35                  14
Total:- 49 which is a combination of Rahu
and Mars which makes him inventive.

49 is for full name :- 43:- This is a lucky number This number brings abundant riches and fame.

35 is for his first name:This number seems to be fortunate but there could be some sufferings because of friends and associates. Still these people can become very rich.
Born on 1:- He is very honest with a strong will power. He is very punctual and clearly expressive in his thoughts. He will not easily move away from his decisions, opinions or practical ways. He has a specific vision in every walks of life and his understanding is very clear.

Basic Number 1:- He is an optimistic person and his mind will be full of positive and innovative thoughts. He will keep moving ahead on his work path with courage and arduously. He will be a source of light and delight like Sun. He will encourage youth to develop leadership ability and remain dedicated to service of humanity.

Destiny Number 1+6+1+9+5+0=22

Destiny Number 4:- He is very energetic and carries big responsibilities and duties.

Ank Kundali Results- Name and Fame in the country and Abroad, Very courageous and intelligent.

Health Problems:- Heart, Eye,Head and teeth ailments.

Strong Periods:The Period between 20th June to 27th July will be favorable for him and beneficial for him.

Favorable Days:Sunday and Monday.

Friendly Number:- 2 and 3

Favorable years:- 64,73,82 and 91
Colors:- Light colours and yellow.

Tarot General Predictions
Where He Stands- He stands very fearlessly and much experienced. His strong principles, morals and ethics will speak out against injustice, corruption or discrimination. He has impeccable high standards.
His Task towards life- His main task is like to master plan about his planning in his life. Great teamwork is needed. He can inspire by mentoring other people.
Health- He needs to get a second or third opinion before he may sign up for, that is irrevocable Health wise. If he opens to spiritual healing his health will be fine.
Work- Although he is a retired officer and write books and is seen on news channels, but he has desire to research and learn new things which he can bring in his work.

Profound Changes in his life- He should be positive towards life cycle approach such as he should believe that difficult phase is ending. Look at the things the way they are not, the way he wants them to be. A broad minded thinking is essential, and if he investigates all the possibilities ,he will get positive changes. A trip away or a vacation could do wonders for him. Spiritually, he is moving toward a new level of understanding. This time of rest and quiet allows him to see the overall pattern in his past experiences and insights.


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