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Tarot Symbols

Wheel of Fortune

Clouds- Higher thoughts, Higher energy etc.

The Wheel is in constant motion. In each corner of the card we see 4 winged creatures sitting upon clouds are in yellow colour and appear to be reading from a book.

There are 4 elements

Winged Angel-Air

Eagle-Water, Scorpio

Winged Bull-Earth, Taurus.

Winged Lion-Fire, Leo

The book they read contain knowledge about their own element but also the other three.

Yellow colour- They are mentally working very hard to assimilate this information.

Sphinx-Holding a sword means confusion in thought, lack of clarity and thing not being straight forward. Sphinx is the guardian to the wisdom of wheel.

Snake-God of darkness, death and decay. Here is lesson is that out of decay and at life once again is reborn. .

3 circles in a wheel-The inner wheel-Creative force.

Middle Wheel-Formative power.

Outer Wheel- Material world.

4 Letters




H- Earth

Blue background-Wisdom

Sphinx on the wheel-Life’s riddle.

Book is Torah-Wisdom

Anubis-Guiding the souls after death to the spirit world where they eventually will be reborn means life once again is reborn.

Wheel-Nothing last forever. Life is constant motion.


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