Tarot Symbols

The Hermit

He stands at the top of a snow-covered mountain in the dark of night. If it wasn’t for the lamp he carries, he would be in complete darkness.

His long grey hair and grey beard-Maturity. It is a card for taking time out to reflect on where you are going in life.

Staff – Power and Authority. Represent higher awareness. (Subconscious mind).
In this it represents to use his isolation and the knowledge he has gained as a tool upon his path to even higher level of awareness.

Stance-Height of his journey, feelings of his isolation.

Mountain-Growth, Achievement of his goal.

Star-Balance, using the energies together for the purpose of spiritual advancement.

Grey cloak-Invisibility, his secrets are not for everyone.

Lamp/Lantern-Lit with wisdom and higher knowledge and leaning upon the staff of experience.

6 Pointed Star – Seal of Solomon-Means that every souls on the pathway of life.

Bright Light of the Hermit Lantern-Illumination of the inner world when the outer seems dark. Also teach about solitude.

He is aware that he must know how to apply the knowledge and experience, he knows where he wants to go in life now.


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