Tarot Symbols


A skeleton dressed in a black armor rides on a white horse. He carries a black flag depict a white rose. Sun is just visible. It symbolize the death of a situation in our lives. It deals with the kind of our lives but how we react to them.

Sun-Life and Growth, new hope, new life from Death comes rebirth, New beginning.
Rose- Purity, Promise and beauty.

White Horse-Purity behind his action.

Flag-Announcement to change, bright, bold obvious, sigh that a new day is dawning.

Yellow Man-Positive

Little Girl-Innocent and Trusting. She is ready to accept change for she believes in life and is positive in her outlook. She kneels before him and offer flowers & excited about future. It tells that new life or new energy will come when you release old energy.

The Young Man-Has tried his best to accept the changes the death bring and has even brought him flowers to show his understanding but at the last minute panic believing him he drops the flower and ride only. End of area, end of anything.


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