Numerology Analysis


Born on 1st February 1971

With number 1 and 3

Combination of Sun and Jupiter :- The combination of Sun and Jupiter is good. The combination of both makes the native and develop in him towards his rights.

In His Name

Manoj Tiwari

18 15

Total :- 33 which is a combination of Jupiter and Jupiter which makes him fair and truthful.

33 is for his full name:-33-This is an auspicious number. Help and assistance from higher officials are seen in work of such natives. Mostly people of Number 24 are very successful in an independent career, especially if they have a good advisers practitioners.

18 is for his first name:-The Number 18 is a combination of Numbers 1 and 8 – It is very bad.This number breeds quarrel and enmity,disputes in family.

Born on 1:-He is very punctual and clearly express his thoughts.He has a specific vision in every walk of life and his understanding is very clear. He will accomplish his job with dedication,honesty and efficiently.He will keep moving ahead on his work path with courage. He will encourage youth to develop leadership ability and remain dedicated to serve of humanity.

Destiny Number 3- Jupiter is present in his number.He is strong,kind hearted and hard working. He is born to be a leader and with a high position in politics.

Health Issues:- Heart,eye,head and teeth.

Favorable Days:-Sunday and Monday.

Weak Periods:- October,November and December.

Strong Periods:- May to July.

Color:-Yellow,Orange and White.


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