Tarot Symbols


It appears as a winged angel.Dress in a white gown pours from one cup to another. In front of her is a pool of water. She stands with one foot of water and one foot on land.
The distant mountains where the Sun has risen and is new shining brightly.

Feet-Symbol of pilgrimage and make reference to our spiritual walk.

Triangle-Fire-Intelligence and indicated the capacity of love. Love in mother child as well as the holy trinity, balance and creativity.

Around the triangle-⏹-Earth and third eye-Air-By blending these elements you will find the balance and will succeed in attaining your goals.

Archangel Raphael-Healing Angel. She brings clarity of thoughts and this allow for being aware of the bigger picture rather than constantly seeking.

Crown-Surrounded by light-The secret of eternal life.

White Robe-Peaceful

One cup she holds is the past and the other is future. The rainbow stream between the cup is the present.


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