Tarot Symbols
Eight of Cups

In the foreground 5 cups stand with another 3 stacked on top of them. 5 below represents the past from his beginnings in the Ace, to the upheaval is five.

3 cups on the top represents his journey or life since then, A gap has been left on the top row between the second and third cup which is very symbolic. It is with the 8th cup he will go in search of what it is that is missing and when he does find his missing cup he will place it exactly where the gap is and in so doing make him a whole.

and realization.

Stick-He is very old jagged.

Rock and Deep hills-Difficulties he will face.

Water-Emotional situation realizing that giving too much not getting enough.

Staff-Guidance, rulership, authority, magic wand, dignity, deal with support, direction, a new beginning.

Moon and Sun- Sometimes journey is not easy. He is just moving away from what he had built. He is dressed in a travel cloak.

Red colour- Putting a lot of efforts and passion into his quest.

Green Trousers- Grounded aspect which will preven him getting carried away.

Brown Boots-Carry him a cross all the terrain.


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