Tarot Symbols
Seven of Cups

Clouds are not tangible. Man body is blacked out suggesting he is totally absorbed in his task and must keep the images he has conjured up for as long as necessary. 

7 cups are area of his life that he has never questioned before or even though about he now needr to understand where and how he fits into his new world and what he has to offer it. He must now work and prepare to move on in life.

Ist Cup-Mask or Face-Public Person he wears outside the world.

2nd Cup-Snakes-Eternity, Sexuality (Comfortable)

3rd Cup- Castle-Goals and Aspiration

4th Cup-Jewellery-Money and possession

5th Cup-Laurel Wreath-Success, personal achievement and power.

6th Cup-Dragon or Lizard-Inner demon his shadow, dark side.
7th Cup-Provide him discipline, stamina and courage to face his true self, soul searching, Holy grail.

It’s a wish card such as wealth, beauty, success. It’s your choice what we wish we have to see the pros and cons of the wishes for the future.

He is not showing his own image that he means he has many choices but don’t know what to do. He feels isolated. It’s a sole journey and challenges. It deals with confusion between too many options. Each cups looks tempting and promising.


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