Tarot Symbols
Page of Cups

His dress is a fashionable. He is an immature part of the cups court family. The fish eyes tore into his head and the emotions of all those who surround him, new awareness. 

Blue Hat- Perfection.

Fish-Absorb data and regulate, pick upon unspoken language, its own feelings, psychic talents and sensitivity. Strong desire to fall in love, born romantic. Page always bring news as a messanger from the God’s elements. A kind of invitation to parties or wedding, pregnancy, birth etc.

Waves- Emotions

Clothes-Spirituality (Blue). Good news is on the way, News is bound to be happy and exciting. His advice is to listen to what your heart is saying. You have a friend who needs your support or should to cry on. He likes your inner child. It tells you to never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams. Your conscious mind is always trying to speak to you possibly through your dreams with significant people.


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