Tarot Symbols
Knight of Cups

Wings on his helmet and boots-His intuition and imagination. 

River, Stream, Waterfall-Subconscious and Emotions.

Horse- Strength, motion, action is also strong. Spiritual symbol and an equal balance with all things in the Universe.
In reading, this gives us pause to consider where we are charging to and why.

Feather- Deal with higher thoughts, communication with spirit, energies and express intuitive wisdom.

He has a habit of falling in love too easily and too often. He needs to learn how to control his emotions and too determine his feelings are true and learn. He is young adult. He must go out into the world and nature by experiencing and dealing with ups and downs of life first hand.

Age 22-30 years can come in your life. He is like a lover who does not wish to commit himself who is perhaps attractive yet passive.


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