Two of Swords- Indecision, Choice, Deals with Mind, Impartial, Standstill, Confused, A card of Deep Reflection.
A woman sitting with her back to a body of water. The tide appears to be out. She sits on a stone seat & hold 2 swords crossed at her heart she is protecting her heart from something. Her clothing is as cold and grey as the stone seat. She rests upon.

Blindfold-She doesn’t want to see anything, Denial of facts, limited views.

Sky and Water- Clear and Calm.

The Moon is waxing in Stage- It’s very early in the morning. It indicates that a difficult decision has to be made. You will have to pull that blindfold off one way or another and face your fear.

White Robe- Innocent

Yellow Shoes- Will power, or using the will. She is actively willing herself to make a choice. Listen to your inner voice you will need peace to solve things.

It indicates arguments between people who were being rigid. Hiding own problems, Ignoring the decisions need to be diplomatic, she is protecting her heart, open your heart, the handle of the sword are at the level of her throat. Her mouth closed in silence.


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