Yearly Tarot Predictions for 2018


Aries-You are going to experience your ability to heal yourself by correcting the imbalances and reconciling the difficulties in the environment through compassion.  Truth will be realized from within as you unite your human endeavour with the gift of God’s grace.  Your lessons are learned through your experiences.  Balance is essential now – use diplomacy, tact and temper your emotions when your strength is being tested. Become the master of your fate – learn correct action – doing the correct thing in whatever situation arises, dealing with life as it comes – not according to your old routines or habits of defense.  Your fortune is where your passion is – “listen” to your passions and they will reveal your genius and bring you success.  You have the gift of bringing light and good cheer to those around you – your family and relations are important to you, without them you do not feel whole.  You need other people to communicate your inspirations and ideas to and their reactions matter to you.  You maintain your individuality in your characteristics – but you need a highly social environment to express, that’s what prosperity means to you. There may be a possible delay or postponement that will make you displeased and disappointed in the end of the year.


Taurus-Recognize the power of society, its laws and its authority to enforce those laws – then order your thoughts and energies and seek stability as you allow yourself to experience wholeness and unity within yourself.  You are entering a time of stability and order which will open you to creative energy. You will be successful at pursuing your goals, so long as you maintain focus, determination and confidence in your abilities. You need to focus completely on the task at hand, get in the race and win it. You have to dominate and beat the competition. You must cultivate the ability to withstand the rigours of what is required. In fact, striving towards your goal can be as satisfying as attaining it. This is a time to be strong and in control. You must also draw upon your willpower and self-discipline. The Six of Cups in a reading indicates reward for past efforts and recognition for acts of kindness. An old friend or lover may return unexpectedly to pay back a kindness or lend a hand in a time of need.


Gemini-This year to be more self-reliant and in control of events. This is especially true during times of worry or crisis. Help and assistance from others will be available if needed, however, it is only through contemplation of one’s own self that progress can be made. You must keep in mind that your actions are your responsibility. Use this time wisely to reflect upon your actions. You may expect to hear some significant news, possibly about the expansion of a business or a marriage proposal. This news may come from someone who is gentle and artistic, but courageous in times of need. Connecting with inner feeling and intuition are also present therefore it is wise to follow  your instincts and intuition when making decisions. In a reading it indicates that there is a need for more study, which will afford you a great deal of personal growth. It signifies that you can expect success in something that you have worked hard towards.


Cancer-An older female, usually someone that has somewhat of a mothering personality to her. Can lend her assistance while you are working on ssues in your life and is someone that you want to be sure to be listening to. This is someone that you can trust and someone that you can know is looking out with your best interests at heart. A change will happen in your life, which may even be a change of residence, a new relationship or new business venture or connection. You may also be inclined to make a loan to someone, on the premise that they will eventually pay you back once they are back on their feet. This is a loan built on trust and good faith, knowing that if you give something away, it will come back to you. Remember, though, that this is more about a short-term fix and not a sustainable solution towards self-sufficiency. So, think about how you can financially support your family or friends in a way that encourages them to stand on their own two feet eventually.


Leo-The greater you stretch yourself, the more fear there will be. Where fear exists, there is also the opportunity for growth. Don’t hold back now – move on. Use your fear to catapult you forward. Wonderful visions must be grounded in both action and the outer realities of life or they will remain only day dreams, without any real meaning or value. Rise above your circumstances. Be realistic now and narrow down your choices using your common sense. Visualize the possibilities and see clearly in your mind the good things for the future. With your skills and abilities so well developed – it is time to decide where and how to use them – allow your mind to explore the potentials. With your right choices You will experience mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial profit if you choose to follow what has heart and meaning to you. Organize your life and the results will be gain, which comes as a result of unifying your wisdom with your love in a creative way which facilitates tangible gain in all areas of your life. Recognize that you feel incomplete only because you are still seeking goals, a purpose – “inner” satisfaction. Continue to seek what you have not found and you will succeed. Complete the “work” of your self-development – have confidence in your self-discipline and patience.   You will accept new responsibilities and make others happy too, for you have gained insight, have applied yourself well and it is now within your power to make important decisions – others will rely on you.  Never forget what it took to get you here – your consciousness is now ready to reach a higher level.




Virgo- This year use discretion and to maintain control of your personal interests.  It asks you to hold onto your belief-set, and to protect your own affairs. You have the knowledge, mind-set and ability to succeed at whatever you set your mind to. Do not allow others to sway your from your path. You will have the strength, knowledge and ability to see this through to fruition. Perseverance and persistence is the key. Do not limit yourself – remain versatile and adaptable. Play out every role – act swiftly and spontaneously – change from moment to moment while retaining your inner sense of self. Liberate your full spirit – as you channel for the great spirit, you become enlightened and enlighten others as you transcend your “ego”.Allow your physical senses to alert and reveal, follow your natural perception.  See through the disguised and unseen.  See danger and “feel” opportunity.  Sound practical judgment is needed in your business affairs now – financial gains are possible from people in authority.


Libra- Allow yourself to experience your prudence and wisdom – your training has brought both discipline and skill. You have strong characteristics – prepare for your future – continue to study and learn your trade, skill or profession. Always keep your goal in focus – work on it even when it seems tedious. Cards indicates that you should not only concentrate on challenges externally, but also within. In order to progress you should be prepared to make changes to yourself by challenging that which requires improvement. in a reading it may be inferring that your position is very strong, even though you may not be totally aware of this at the moment. Do not allow others to take advantage of you at any time. You may be offered an interesting invitation, which will result in an emotional experience that will bring high energy and lift you to an exhilarating state as new situations seem to come from nowhere.  Your decisions will be made without much thought and you will experience the feeling of “inner” direction – the experience of warmth, friendliness, love and the need to share these qualities with everyone.  There will be a good will and a partnership in which good feelings will prevail.


Scorpio- New freedom – you have come through the hard times, undergone emotional upheaval and you will now know inspiration, hope, health and spiritual gifts beyond your belief.  You will be blessed and can expect much spiritual help and guidance in all endeavors.  You will be on the right path – you will built a good foundation.  Continue to “hope” and you will achieve your goals.  Your health situation will improve for you are surrounded by strong spiritual forces.   You can silently visualize your hoped-for results, decide how to use them in a new way and then stubbornly keep at it until you see it in final form. Set your goals, plan how to achieve them – then act on your plans. Nurture them with patience – complete the task and reward yourself. Allow your intuitive powers to guide you – the change has come, even though it does not show. Make notes of your dreams and intuitive feelings – be more independent now and trust your own feelings. Build your own security – clear the air and let others know where you stand.


Sagittarius- You will experience an unpleasant, frustrating situation – sever yourself from it and you will know peace of mind and harmony, like the sunshine after a storm.  You will make great progress. Recognize that everything is relative to one’s viewpoint and communicate in a non – threatening way that will allow other people to consider new ideas, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes from perspectives that they have not yet considered.  Regenerate yourself and you regenerate and heal others.  Achievements derived from your creativity – shape life in a way that separates you from your playful imagination.  To achieve success, you discipline and even suppressed your dreams – directing all your creative powers into socially responsible achievements and confining your natural energy flow. You have the ability to cope with two or more situations, having learned to juggle them both – but, much more will be achieved once you have made a decision.  Think before you act – reflect on things – take a good look at your situation.  Be patient – time and reflection will reveal how you are doing and what your next move will be.  It is essential that you maintain harmony.  Do not allow this change or these disturbing influences upset you.  Let yourself play.


Capricorn- This year analyze your situation carefully– focus on your priorities and forge ahead.  Confront your fears, experience the grief and allow yourself to heal.  Complete the process by transforming your pain.  Experience pain – identify the “source” of the emotions you are experiencing and then you will know what it is you must change. With these things you can create happy atmosphere surrounds you – good things will happen – you are about to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  STOP WORRYING! You will receive what is rightfully yours – the bread thrown on the water of life will come back threefold.  You will offer the gift of success in relationships, achieved through generosity of spirit and the sharing of your resources as each persons wants and needs are considered equally.  Love gives you a feeling of abundance that you share with no fear of running out, for you KNOW now that it is an infinitely renewable resource.  Pull back now, go deep inside – seek peace and allow your “inner” voice to direct you.  Stop believing you will be swamped by your emotions if you take a step toward your goals – recognize that you have done this to yourself and begin to focus on developing your potentials.  Stop fearing success and power – accept the beast within you.  See your abilities clearly and loose your passions – you have restrained yourself from activity long enough, avoiding the present by trying to convince yourself that there are no alternatives.


Aquarius-  You will experience a cycle of change that will affect your income for the better.  Break through the blocks that prevent you from achieving your highest potential. Move through your old fears of failure – evaluate the results of your efforts and assess your mistakes so that you can learn from them.  Be patient – this cycle is changing and re-arranging your life.  You will know growth through good honest effort and hard work.  Plan your next move during this pause in activity.  You are in the process of making a major decision.  Release your attachment to “expected” outcomes and “cross the bridges as you come to them.” Release yourself from heartache – accept your loss and release the sorrow.  Make a conscious, determined choice to pick up the pieces and move forward towards your future – seek a new beginning. Accept any invitation that is offered to you – look forward to a special letter or telephone call.  Important information will be arrive.  The commencement or completion of a spiritual path or project.  Spiritual independence – a true centering on the being within.  From here your karmic purposes can unfold gently and completely.


Pisces-You are going to succeed if you will just keep trying.  Trust yourself – be confident that you have been given the abilities and opportunities to realize your goals and dreams.  Relax and concentrate on the task at hand – you will succeed.  Your relationships will get better and you will know victory of the will over the physical world – the ability to change destiny and thoughts. Release the fears that led you to any negative thinking – the thoughts that created your conscious decision that things would not work out.  Allow yourself the right to give up – turn away from ungrateful friends and abandon this futile project.  Stop fighting these losing battles! Rise up and look to help from higher powers.  You are growing toward harmony – balance between the material and the spiritual things of the mind.  Surrender and you will find that a change has occurred – you have been released.  You have the ability to face life – particularly this difficult problem or change – with hope and eagerness.  You are strong within – allow yourself to experience life passionately, yet peacefully – without being controlled or carried away by your passions.  Joy as you feel the “inner” strength to begin this new project or continue a difficult project – despite your fear and emotional strain.  Find the place where you can make a statement and get your idea across – leave a lasting impression.



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