Two of Pentacles- Balance, Adaptability, Time Management, Prioritization, Flow,Juggling plenty of things but finding difficult to handle.
It indicates form, fertility, unexpressed creativity and cooperation. It tells of wise choices to do with handling of money and business issues.


He is juggling one Pentacle is higher than the other.

Leminiscate- Endless flow of energy, All energy is recycled whether it is good or bad for energy is simple energy and cannot destroyed.

It is the same money going around and around. In order to make money we often have to spend it first. He knows how to use money, he looks down at the lower Pentacle which represents the money that is going out. His face looks tense he has a lot of financial decision to make and no matter how hard he tries to hold onto money he seems to be spending more than he is earning.
Brown garment and green shoes connection with the element of Earth.
Red Garment- Passion and energy he is putting into controlling his finance.
Ship- Travel, Commerce, Travel and
Journey’s deeper level of the psyche and subconscious, where your thoughts are travelling.

Waves-It means problems will come and he knows how to deal with it.

Clear Blue Sky- Not serious situation.




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