Three of Pentacles- Teamwork, Initial Fulfillment, Collaboration ,Learning, Skills ,Work, Focus ,Well Known Really Good at their work, Get Appreciation,and Mastery.

It is a card which signifies the completion of an initial stage. The first stage must be reached before any further development can take place.

A small group of people involved in a meeting of some kind. 3 people they stand close to a stone building that has all the appearance of a church. The young man standing on the bench appears to have been busy chiselling away on the stonework of this building before the other 2 figures arrived 3rd figure is like a monk. This card deals with the importance of a teamwork and its contribution in succesfully reaching goals and completing projects on time. Early stage of development. Patience and commitment is required.
Hammer- Is a sign of getting the point a cross, or the getting the job done, force, action Masculinity and creativity (To get the job done and done well)

Pillar-Are about balance. It is a sign that going between may be more advantages.

Arch- Symbolic of openings, passage ways and a new direction for the querent.


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