Numerology Analysis of Well Known Politician Jyotiraditya M.Scindia

Born on 1st January 1971

With Number 1 i.e from his basic number and 2 from his destiny number.

In his name

Jyotiraditya M. Scindia

28 4 18

Total :- 50 is for full name.

And Result of 50 Number is he is very intelligent and analyse everything thoroughly. If he use his intelligence, he can achieve anything. He has high energy to achieve his goals.

28 is for his first name: that is his first name only. This number 28 indicates loss through trust. The number 28 demolish stability or change in everything.

Current Dasha according to Numerology is of Jupiter which starts from 2019 to 2022. In this dasha period he will enjoy prosperity, respect and good fortune and right decision will be beneficial for him.

Now his numeroscope chart according to vedic numerology.

Thrice times Sun is coming in his numeroscope chart and and one time Ketu.So the combination of Sun and Ketu makes him spiritual soul and doesn’t tolerate regarding his ego hurt.

According to Pyramid Number in Hindi we say stupank

His Pyramid Number is 2. That is of Moon planet. Moon makes him intuitive, moody and adaptable.

If we take all the numbers from his dob, dasha and pyramid

The numbers are 1,3 and 2

Combination of Numbers1,3 and 2. A very beautiful combination. This combination makes him knowledgeable. He believes in hard work and put their best foot forward.

His Lucky Years will be 2022, 2025


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