Delhi Election 2020

According to… “Tarot and Numerology Analysis”

It is high time to predict the future of Delhi as the Election Commission has banned exit polls over the violation of law. Now, it is the duty of Tarot-Readers and Numerologist to showcase their prediction by announcing their predictions about Delhi Election. Also, the readers are waiting for the predictions over elections. Let’s start it..

The election date is 8.2.2020 where basic number is 8 and destiny number is 5. Wherelse, the Congress Party’s total is 31 which is equal to 4 and the opposite potential party Aam aadmi party total is 33 which is equal to 6. The main component of AAP in Delhi Elections is BJP with the total of 46 equals to 1.

As a result, by adding a total, from 8.2.2020 the number is 5 which is friendly number for both 1 and 6 and to Aam aadmi party and BJP respectively.

On the other side, 8 is friendly number for both 5 and 6 which again matches with AAP.

The voting day is 08.02.2020 (8 & 5) which do not match with Year number (YN-4).

The voting result is on 11.02.2020 (2 & 8) which does not match with YN-4

(As Year number 2020 is 4.)

Now, Arvind Kejriwal whose date of birth is 16.08.1958

According to Numerology his Mahadasha of Ketu is going on. In Ketu Mahadasha, Mercury Antardasha is going on which means he will surely face some hurdles in his path which he needed to put much of endeavor and hardwork. The difficulties would also prevail as their would be many reasons for happiness but for distress as well.

Tarot Predictions

So, I drew the cards For AAP Judgement, Nine of Swords and page of Pentacles. It means they need to learn more things this time because there will be tough competition and they are already taking stress. They need to make right decisions now and put the groundwork in and then they maybe achieve their target.

On the other side, the tarot showed BJP as 2 of swords, strength and the lovers which indicates they will face some struggles but if they maintain patience and face the right choices about the situations, it will lead them to a greater things.

Overall Cards For This Election- The High Priestess, Three of Swords, and Ace of Swords. There are some hidden issues which come to Light and Some people get hurt because of their expectations. There will be a tough decision to take, some conflicts will arise but who is stick to their principles, that person will get a position.

To be honest, this elections is going to be tiff competition where some are favourable consequences for Arvind Kejriwal and vice versa. Where the strong competent BJP needs courage and adopt the right path to go forward.

Overall, Predictions with Tarot and Numerology are that result can be 55% in favor of AAP and 45% in favor of BJP. AAP may get the chance to form the government.


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