Image building cards

1. Strength Card:-A female figure is shown in this card which is closing the mouth of a lion which means that she is very courages and confident woman to kill the fear. This is one of the great image building card as when you pull this card then it shows that you are fully loaded with the qualities like composture, confidence, courage and heroism. It shows that you are enough for guiding and manipulating your peers. Strength card is an amazing indicator that tells you about your stunning physical fitness and self improvement.

2. Eight of Pentacles:- This card illustrates a man labouring over eight coins and trying to give each pentacle, a beautiful shape. Do not you think it is clearly indicating about your image? So, yes it indicates that you are to be skilled and hardworking and attain your goal perfectly. This card suggests you to make your hobby as a professional career and give your career a shape of perfection. Eight of Pentacle is a lucky card for seekers who are in art and craft, education and business because it wishes them good luck with a message that soon they are going to promote on next level and will achieve their best.

3. Magician Card:-The magician is standing where his one hand is pointing sky and other to the ground. He is giving a message that he has the ability to fill the gap between the spirituality and the earth. Moreover, he can do whatever he wants to do. In general meaning, he is motivating seekers that everyone has to be diligent, manipulative, confident and responsible like him so that the success is far from them. This is a positive card that tells you that your life will be progressive when you take action. Above all, Magician card gives a beautiful message that God has given equal powers to everyone and people just need to use these and make it purposeful by focusing on your goals and killing negative energies of their surroundings. Also, you need to remember that you are powerful in your inner and outer world.

4. High Priestess Card:-This is a card of intuition, spirituality and secret. A beautiful woman is sitting between the two pillars B and J and trying to balance the reality of both. High Priestess Card tells you that you need to make a correct judgment on issues by acknowledging your inner world or what you have learnt. This action builds our image like we are wrong or right in a situation. In case of partnership or love, it predicts that soon a big secret is going to be revealed. Moreover, this card calls on you to connect with your divine feminine side and make a balance between the masculine and feminine energies. In ancient times, High Priestess used to be gatekeepers in old temples and here it indicates you that Supreme power God is here to protect you from evils and betrayals of your partner.

5. Empress Card:-This card represents motherhood and gives the signs of beauty, harmony and creativity. For building your image in any field, you need to be skilled and creative. Empress card holds the meaning that it is time to love yourself and engage in your favorite activities like dancing, cooking and singing. In case of pregnancy, embrace the motherhood. For love relationships, it tells you to be compassionate, supportive and caring for your love partner. On the next side, for jobs and business you have to be expert and think big to expand your career. Yours ideas and executions will definitely manifest successfully.

6. Death Card:-Oops! Death card in image building?

No doubt, death card is one of the feared card in tarot prediction but it is directly related to your image. Before that, let’s depict it’s image as a skelton wearing an armor is riding on a horse and killing someone. After all this, it has the meaning of big changes, transformations, baby birth and yes endings. In jobs and business, death card predicts that it is the perfect time to take your business ahead or go for a next job. Transformation here means that shedding of your skin or ego and grow yourself into a new version of yourself. Is not it beautiful? Ofcourse, death card gives a inspirational message that you need to improve your image by not sticking from your past and let go the negativity.

7. Judgment Card:- On this card, you can see a messenger of God and he is blowing his triumpht by giving a message to people that it is time to weigh your actions and before it’s too late, all should be on a right track. Likewise, this card tells you that it is high time for self evaluation or judgement of your actions so that you can have clear and better understandings of your goals and surely you will improve your image irrespectively amd go on a correct path. Do you think your past actions or decisions were related to your purpose? If yes then it’s good but if no then you need to self assessment of what you have done. All this procedure will help to give you clarity of thoughts and improve your current behaviour.

8. Seven of Pentacles:- This is a image builder card because it indicates you that someone is trying to affect your reputation and you need to be more careful and strong so that his actions would not defeat your personality in any ways. By illustrating this image, a man is sticking wands in jealous for someone which means he is creating troubles for his enemy. This card gives a great message that you have to make your personality strong so that the people and outside situations would not harm you. Moreover, it gives you strength that from your personality traits your enemies in the form of coworkers, partners and close friends are jealousing but you should be more defensive and proactive at that time.

9. Three of Pentacles:-This is a wish card for hard workers and gives a message of learning, studying and apprenticeship. On this card, there is a image of young man constructing cathedral and he is seeking expert advice which gives directly message to you that you should be skilled and expert in your field. However, it tells you that you are on a right track and continue it but when any obstacle occurs in the path of perfection then you should ask your master. Good news is that this card encourages you to run an extra mile or put extra hard work in your job, love and business. Three of Pentacles suggests you to give extra time, care, love and support to your love partner and take your relationship on next level.

  1. 10. Seven of Pentacles:-A man is standing on hoe and staring at his rich harvest or seven of pentacles. This card has the message that the man has put all his hardwork in growing crops but now he is exhausted. In a general way, it denotes the meaning that to get rich results, you need to give all the dedication towards your work. On the other hand, it also tells you that you need to patience to get 100% results. Whenever this card appears in your tarot prediction then consider it a good luck to have a break from your daily chores and use that time for evaluation in the areas of Investment, money, efforts and success. Then answer the following questions like Am I on right track? Am I concentrating on my goals? Definitely,it gives you the answer with a possibility to reach success.


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