1. Chariot Card:- The Chariot Card is the perfect example forvgood time management as it motivates us for self discipline or time management. Even, the whoke card represents the influence in a positive way.

As the figure sits underneath the blue canopy adorned by the white stars and carrying moon on his shoulders.  That makes a sense that he is under spiritual influence and following the guidance.  It tells you can overcome challenges with self discipline, time management and by controlling your emotions. Also, the chariot motivated you that if you have planned goals then stay focused, determined, be positive, control your emotions and follow good management.

Overall,  it offers the key message that pursue your plan with the right time and effort approach.

2. Eight of Pentacles:- You can clearly see that  a young man is shaping eight golden coins perfectly and he is neglecting his surroundings. That perfectly depicts the message that you can achieve your goals when you will be totally focused on your hard work and stay focused on your work. Even your surroundings may distract you but it is up to you how will you handle them. Moreover,  you can manage the circumstances with good time management.

Also,  Eight of Pentacles card gives you the message that be skilled in your field. Catch your goal with strong determination and focus entirely on your tasks. Negativity may surround  you but your strong will power for work perfection and good management of time and situation can make win.

3.  Empress  Card:-  Empress Card asks you to have patience until the good result comes. This also represent motherhood A young woman is ready to be birthed. She has patience,  love for others with a positivity and waiting for the right time. In other words, Empress Card motiva3you that you have already done the hard work and now wait for its outcome. Whatever its its outcome but you need to have patience for that.Along with that, make balance in the situation by following the right time factors. As do not let the situations affect you and let the peaceful result to come.

Next, it also represents the meaning that what God has given you, enjoy that. Make yoursekd comfortable in the existing situations and enjoy your surroundings beautifully. And, your outcomes  will be fruitful soon.

4. Hierophant Card:- Undoubtedly,  Hierophant Card shows the wisdom and superiority. The high priest figure of this card is giving message to other to follow conventional laws to be focused on your religion. This indicates that you can achieve your goals by even not breaking the traditional norms. By God’s grace, follow discipline and seek blessings from God then you can overcome challenge and have victory.

In other words, divide your time well and learn new skills. You may also ask your mentors to guide you in difficult situations and also believe in God.


5.  Ace of Swords:-  Ace of Swords  cards are considered as ” controlling cards”. This card control your path and shows you the real path to move. This card tells you are in dark and some mistert has to be opened. Afterwards, you will get the clarity of your path and focus on your real vision. Additionally,  this card indicates that God has better pland for you. So you can wait as he will remove all the barriers in your journey and you will be successfully reached at your desired location.

Lastly, it gives you the message that some unexpected is going to happen  in your life.

6. King and Queen of Swords:- King ans Queen of Swords cards are considered as negative cards but also motivates you for be alert in every situation of your life. If both of these card appear in your tarot reading then you should get alert that a male and a female is going to trouble your life. It can be a romantic couple, your mentor and boss that can feel jealous from you and finding ways to troublr you at your place.

On the other hands, their insecutity can motivate you for right doings in your life. For example, your parents sometimes criticize you for doing some work but their intention is not wrong. It is just to motivate for the right path and dedication towards our goal. Smilarly, boty these card represents negative and insecured people around but still they will you for dedication towards your goal anff give time to your priorities  and ignore such people.


7. Ten of Pentacles:-  Ten of Pentacles is a joyous and relaxing card. It depicts that an old man is sitting and looking for his wealth and considering the importance of his fsmily members.  In other words, it shows that  a man has done for attaining wealth for his loved ones. And now he is able to enjoy  peecious moments with his family members. And that  is possible  because  he made  goid decisions,  worked hard and achieved  his goal  on the right time.  Otherwise,  he would not be able to find peace in this age.

Thus, Ten of Pentacles indicates that you can achieve your goals with prosperity when you will be dedicated towards your goal, focused on good time management  and be on right path. Overall, this is  a victory and joyous card.

8. Two of Pentacles:-  Two of Pentacles is clearly  targeting the value of good time management. Like a man is jiggling two of cound with dedication,  balance and perfect time management. Two of Pentacles tells that you are a multi tasker and you are managing  everything perfectly.  For example, you may be a parent, an employee or a CEO and you are handling multiple tasks at  time with the good time managing them.

Besides that, it also informs you that give time to your family and work equally.  So that you can maintain harmony in your relationships  and be able to work stress free. Also,prepare  you to-  do list and decide your foremost priority.


9.Six of Pentacles :- Six of Pentacles  motivates yoyu to be generous to others and do some charity.  Even the six of Pentacles Cars shows that a wealthy figuee is distributing  his wealth to beggars and making balance dairness and equity. Also ,  it tells you that sometimes you may be either on giving side or receiving side. So, if you have good wealth then you should share with others to get prosperity in your life. Otherwise, you can ask your superior  to heop you in financial or any crisis.

Even it also suggests you th should make follow ” good time management “factor and make your priority list. If you will be focused on your goal and managing good terms with your family. Then, you can make a good balance in your life and achieve good health.

10. Nine of Pentacles :- It represents abundance and wealthy social status of a female figure. It is a victory, joyous and relaxing card. It represents that you have achieved your goals with hard work and now it’s time to enjoy the wealth and take enjoyment of your surroundings.  It depicts that you have earned well in your lìfe and now you can pamper yourself in  a beautiful ways. Moreover, it also motivates you that when you are working hard for achieving your goals then consider your priorities, expert advice, manage harmony and also take some enjoyment.  Only then you can get wealth and enhoy enjoy it for long- term.

Also, it offers you the good message that do not rely on other and ask them for financial sources. You should be totally independent and when you have achieved everything then appreciate yourself with a good and joyful wealthy status.









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