How to unblock your situation?

When faced with problems for which we lack a clear solution, it can be challenging to find a way forward. However, certain crystals are believed to have the potential to help unblock such situations. Patience is often required when working with these crystals.

  • One crystal that is said to aid in unblocking situations is Peridot. This crystal is known for its cleansing and healing properties, which can help clear the energy surrounding the issue at hand.


  • Another crystal that can be beneficial is Clear Quartz. As the name suggests, Clear Quartz has the ability to clear and purify energies, making it useful in addressing blockages.


  • Now, to utilize these crystals, place them in a temple or sacred space and charge them with your intentions. Hold them in your left hand while focusing on your desired outcome. Afterwards, you can keep the crystals in a Potli bag, selecting a colour that resonates with the specific situation. For instance, if the issue relates to love, you might choose a pink or red Potli bag. Feel free to use your favourite colour, as it can serve as your personal lucky charm.


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