Remedy To Enhance Luck

For those seeking to enhance their luck or improve a situation, a ritual
involving candles and intention setting can be practiced. Here’s a
rephrased version:

  • To perform this ritual, you will need a red candle (white is
    optional), along with luck oil. Begin by holding the candle and stating a prayer or setting your intention for the desired outcome.
  • Then, create a symbol of a clover to represent luck.
  • After creating the clover symbol, you can use luck oil to anoint the candle. Start from the bottom and move upwards while visualizing your intentions clearly. Focus on your desired luck or positive outcome.
  • Once the candle is anointed, light it and sit in front of it for about 10 minutes. During this time, visualize the desired luck or positive changes, allowing the candle’s flame to represent the manifestation of your intentions.

It is recommended to perform this ritual on Wednesday, Thursday, or
Friday, either in the morning or afternoon. These days are considered
auspicious for luck-related practices.


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