How to use Holy Water Gangajal?
Ganga jal is a holy water.
There are many ways to use this holy water.
Remove Negativity:- Draw yourself a bath, add a dash Ganga Jal, a handful of sea salt, and 3 drops of Frankincense oil. Use whenever negativity has got a hold of you.
For Happiness:- Draw yourself a bath, add Ganga jal, and add Rose water and 3 drops of Lavendar oil to bring happiness and blessings.
Good Luck Spray:- Add Ganga kal Water and 3 drops of Patchouli oil. Put your intention.
Divination Spray:- Make a Divination Blessing Spray from Ganga jal Water, Tap Water and a small piece of Amethyst crystal in a spray bottle. Use before reading tarot cards on your hands, and on the space where you are doing the reading. Make it new moon or on full moon.


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