Numerology Analysis

Suresh Prabhu

Born on 11th July 1953

With number 2 and 9

Combination of Moon and Mars :- The combination of Moon and Mars is good. The combination of both gives name and fame. It makes native earn much of wealth.

In His Name

Suresh Prabhu
24         24

Total :- 48 which is a combination of Rahu and Saturn which makes him wise and a fine orator.

48 is for his full name:-48- This is a number of thoughtful retrospection, and mental superiority over one’s fellows, but as it seems to belong completely to the mental plane, the persons it represents, are likely to put all material things on one side — not because they have to, but because they wish to do so. It’s neutral number.

24 is for his first name:-The Number 24 is a combination of Numbers 2 and 4 – It is very sensitive.This is an auspicious number. Help and assistance from higher officials are seen in work of such natives. Mostly people of Number 24 are very successful in an independent career, especially if they have a good advisers practitioners.

Born on 11 :- This number is governed by the planet Moon.He is sensitive. Although he has a good intelligence and he is very logical. He tend to inspire people to move in a specific direction, or adopt new methods of living.He has a good deal of leadership ability, as well. But his life stands more as an example for others, rather than for sustained or orderly leadership. He has a great deal of determination.

Destiny Number 9- Mars is present in his number.He is reliable, trustworthy and honorable. You tend to be quite sensitive, and have a soft corner for the whole world.He has a high level of energy and hold certain responsibilities.

Karmic Debt Number 6:- There will be lots of adjustments to be made in his life, and the lives of new people, also.There will be lots of commitment in his life, along with the chance to meet those obligations.

Personal Year Number 8:- Patience is required to organize everything and a step-by-step progress phase will happen.

Health Issues:- Digestion Problem and Blood Pressure.

Favorable Days:- Monday and Tuesday

Color:-Red and White


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