The lifetime of our personality is one of a myriad of experiences of our soul. The perspective of the soul is immense, and the perception of the soul is without the limitations of the personality. The personality is those parts of the soul that require healing.

Karma is not a moral dynamic . Morality is a human creation. The Universe does not judge. The Karma of our soul is created and balanced by the activities of its many personalities, including us.

For eg-If a child dies early in its life, we do not know what agreement was made between that child’s soul and the soul of its parents, or what healing was served by what experience. Although we are sympathetic to the anguish of the parents, we cannot judge this event. If we, or the parents of this child, do not understand the impersonal nature of the dynamic that is in motion, we may react with anger towards the Universe, or towards each other, or with guilt if we feel that our actions were inadequate. All of these reactions create karma, and more lessons for the soul to learn-more karmic debts for the soul to pay appear.

The road to your soul is through your heart. So never judge anyone you don’t know their circumstances. If we judge we create a negative karma for our self.


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