Deer-Gives Speed and Agility

Zone of Placement – West-North-West (WNW)

Zonal Energy-Infuses more vital energy.

Placement Procedure – On the floor or on the table.

Facing – North

Planet – Mars

Element – Air and Fire

Place a brass sculpture of a Deer on the floor, or on a table in the West-North – West Zone of your building. The Deer should face the North.

This remedy removes any form of stress, stagnation or lethargy and fills you with youthful energy. It works to detoxify your mind of negative thoughts and blocked emotions.

It infuses vitality and speed into any sluggish system and has the ability to `smoothen-out’ any serious, tangled-up situation.

The Deer not only brings speed to a system, but also ensure that all work is done with a degree of skill and also increases coordination between all those involved in the functioning of your company or organisation. This remedy attracts dedicated people to work with you.

In addition to bringing you the benefits mentioned above, the Deer also encourages people to work and perform better-usually, beyond their expected capabilities.


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