Two of cups. Hi friends today I am posting my first blog on Tarot with a combination of numerology. Prominently it’s a magnificent result of the reading of this card,”Two of Cups” My blog is about really a lovie Dovie couple who are in love with each other even after ten years of their marriage. Although they have faced many hurdles in their lives. A girl called Aradhana whose date of birth is 2nd August 1981 and a boy called Aditya whose date of birth is 2nd September 1980 so their basic numbers and destiny numbers are same. As per the traditional numerology this number 2 correspondence to the moon which is of balancing, cooperating, duality, choices,masculine and feminine etc. So here in the story of Aradhana and Aditya it will reveal the attributes of number 2 as how their lives with each other have matched in many scenarios and how their love took twists and turns.
The couple were working in a private firm where they have met each other. Aradhana was a gorgeous lady in her mid twenties with a light brown eyes and beautiful soft and glowing skin. Her attractiveness have stolen Aditya’s heart. Aradhana was an introvert person so she hesitated talking to Aditya initially. But once they both interacted with each other at a new party in their office. Aradhana found Aditya as a caring and a mature person and they started spending more time with each other. Now there basic numbers are same as their friendship started blooming which eventually turned into love. They found that they have similarities in their likes and dislikes, be it a food, colors, clothing and travelling etc. This is the result of common basic numbers are same. Unexpectedly Aditya came to know about Aradhana’s impairment. Aradhana even in her childhood has met with an accident in which her left arm got affected and after that it didn’t work properly despite of many best treatments. It was a shock for Adiitya as he has always thought of a beautiful girl with no disabilities or diseases. After that Aditya didn’t spoke to Aradhna.Aditya’s family have found a girl for him called Shweta. Aditya got engaged with Shweta. After their engagement Aditya & Shweta started dating each other. Shweta was a beautiful girl but was bit extrovert person. Aditya realizes after few meetings with Shweta that she is not a perfect match for him.Here how his destiny number planned for him. Aditya started missing Aradhna’s natural beauty & Her Simplicity towards life .He thought of Aradhna’s Impairment but this time he ignored it.He just thought of going back to Aradhna & Aditya decided that now he will never leave Aradhna .Finally he met Aradhana which shocked her as he left her in between .Although Aradhna didn’t expressed his love for him. Aditya told her everything why he left her in between and whatever happened as how and why did he broke his engagement with Shweta. After knowing everything Aradhna understood it & they both expressed their love to each other. With the blessings of God Aditya & Aradhna become one soul ad they got married with all rituals. Now they have been married for 10 Years. Aradhana’s impairment of her left arm have faded away due Aditya’s extreme love & Support for her. All I can say is after facing so many hurdles ,even after going apart from each other .They met again and this time they met forever. Aradhna’s impairment became her life long happiness with Aditya’s love and their love has grown strong with each passing day.
This miracle happened because of God’s grace and also their basic number are same which showed their similarities in their likings & dislikings.


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