Yearly Tarot Predictions

Aries- You will feel trapped by your own family members. They will control your thoughts and actions. You may be constantly blaming others for your situation or making excuses as to why you can’t change things. Stay away from those that wish to bring you down or appear negative, for it will rub off on you. Career wise you can work in a large organization. Health wise Stagnation is unhealthy in all forms. Get outside, take a walk. You have a high energy level, who can see the bigger picture and can be relied upon when the need arises.

Taurus-This year you should plan your every move very carefully specially in investment matters. It is important to weigh up all the options-the choice being whether to remain in the position you are currently in, or to step forward towards the ‘new’. If you are in a job you should use your talents. Choose that directions in which you have full control. Health wise you will find that bones that are broken are going to be on the mend. This is going to apply to any and all parts of the body that need assistance in reconstruction. You will feel that you are only focussing on negative things rather than looking to the positives aspects, rather than to allow any negativities to hold you back. There will be wonderful opportunities come to take advantage of, but you need to be able to see them clearly, otherwise you will not make steady progress.

Gemini- In beginning of the month you may have feeling that your life is in disarray or disorganised. If you are used to being in control then this may stress you out considerably as you feel all over the place. You may have several options or opportunities open to you at present but are bewildered by the variety of what is on offer. Every option looks attractive and has its appeal leaving you confused and unable to make a decision. You will have to make a choice sooner or later but do give it some thought as what you decide on will ultimately affect you on an emotional level. In career wise you have to take risk. If you have been struggling with a disease or injury for a long time, that healing is on its way. The Five of Swords can sometimes symbolise the overcoming of inner demons and negative mindsets. The battle fought for personal freedom would not have come quickly or easily.

Cancer- If you have been having a difficult time, the Sun brings you the message you have been waiting for – that things are going to get better – a lot better!. You can finally see the path ahead of you and through the hardship you have endured, you have attained a new level of insight and understanding. Career wise Focus on thinking about what kind of work you want and a reasonable income that will satisfy your lifestyle without being in excess. It is time to consider making that final decision regarding a health issue that has been concerning for you. Results will come swiftly and so you must be prepared for the news. This is not a time to sit and be worried or even to not take action. To the contrary, you must push yourself to get the answers that you seek.

Leo-This year the Family Home is strongly represented and suggests there may be issues surrounding it. You may be purchasing a house, building a house, inheriting a house or renovating an old house. You may be investing significantly in home improvements, extensions and decorating. . It suggests that now is not the time for taking such risks and asks you to stick with the more traditional and conventional methods, even if they involve taking the long road and extra effort on your part. Don’t be in such a hurry to move too quickly. Take your time and build slowly. The cards are recognizing the hard work that you have put in to get to this point, and now all you have to do is take advantage of all of the open doors that are in your life. You may feel depressed in your house, for this you need to remove negative energy from your house.

Virgo-You need to assert your independence and not allow others to deny you this freedom. You should not allow yourself to be drawn into something against your will. Show strength or you may regret it. Career wise it indicates the settling into a new job or work environment where the fellow workers are supportive and encouraging. Everything is new and exciting and you feel thrilled with the decision you made to join them. You have allowed yourself to become too dormant, either because of pain or a fear of hurting yourself after healing from a disease or an injury. There is no need to worry about injuring yourself further, it is important that you build up your strength, again so as to avoid future injuries. You need to heal and find emotional stability so accept any offers of help that come your way without feeling guilty or imposing. You must learn how to receive graciously and thankfully. All offers of help are genuine and sincere, so relax in the knowledge that you will do the same for them if ever the need arises.

Libra- A time when you will have to assume responsibility and take charge of a situation. You may be assigned a project or given a task to do, and you will have to commit your time to see that project through to the end successfully. Career wise there could be a celebration after a successful launch or the completion of a project that involved team-work. The team members each bring their own expertise to the work place leaving little room for competition or bitching. If you are thinking of taking a job offer or moving to a new career, then The Three of Cups suggests it would be emotionally beneficial. Consider the help that can come from giving of your time, experiencing the perspective of understanding that there are others in this world that have it worse than you do so that you can be grateful for what you do have. This will greatly improve your health.

Scorpio- A happy period in life, especially on the domestic front with much activity, socialising and a strong sense of inner contentment. You feel at one with the world and full of joy. The Empress signifies that if we are gentle and caring as well as patient, we can bring anything we desire to fruition, we have to be able to wait until the time is right for action so that we can reap the rewards. Now is a good time for you to branch out and make something happen for yourself. If you have been thinking about a job change then now is the time to do it. When dealing with a delicate work or financial time, rest assured that there is assistance coming your way that is going to lighten your load. Health wise you must choose to perceive yourself as younger then you are so that you might find healing.

Sagittarius- Depression and fear controls your every thought. You may feel like the victim or martyr and that no one understands you. Close friends and family will already have given you good advice and possible solutions to your dilemma but it is doubtful you have listened. You may not be able to understand or follow what is going on around you. Your self-imposed beliefs might see everything as a calamity and major drama, while others would call it a ‘mere troublesome situation’. You need to calm down, lose the hysteria and drama so that you can look at your situation in a more objective manner. In Business, your competitors may be closing in on you and trying to steal some of your clients or business. You need to be alert and on your guard for it is happening nDon’t let them take all that you have worked hard for. Health wise you need to stretch your body out so that it continues the momentum of restretching itself into the body that is healthy and no longer full of emotional or physical baggage.

Capricorn-There are good times and there are bad times. Sometimes the bad times provide the contrast and perspective you need to be able to recognise how blessed you are when the good times come. So, when times are good, enjoy the benefits, but do not become complacent because things can change. Career- If you are a leader of a team working on a project that will be pitched against others, then success is indicated once you are prepared and have put in the necessary work. From a doctor to massage therapist, to dentist or counselor even… the key is cooperation and teamwork to get any health issues on track. The card is not exceptionally telling regarding any illness and gives no cause for worry or concern about anything specific. Rather, it simply states that any concerns you have right now should be acted upon.

Aquarius- Be careful of wishful thinking or illusions in the choices you currently face. A choice must be made even though the apparent multiplicity of options seems to paralyse you with either fear or excessive anticipation. If you are unable to make a decision because of too many options, it is time to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each option and make a thoughtful choice. You also need to be very clear about what it is you are working towards so that you can make the best choice. For people that are diagnosed with mental issues such as depression, bipolar, Now is a time to take stock of the areas that are causing you undue emotional or spiritual pressure. Take a step back from these areas and allow things to calm down.

Pisces- Your commitments will demand more and more from you. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t give your achievements back so therefore you must hold tight and hang on in there until things improve or until you at least get used to the situation. A time when you must stand up for yourself and not let others take advantage of you. You may feel that everyone wants something from you and that you are at everyone’s beck and call. If The Knight of Swords appears when you have a decision to make about a job or career change then you need to act fast. Sometimes a window of opportunity opens in such areas, but only for a short period of time, so swift movement may be required of you. it is a good idea for you to physically pursue different ways of connecting to the spiritual realm using the physical body. For example, different kinds of yoga would be extremely helpful. Some yoga requires hours of meditation as well as mastering intentional movement.


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