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Question: – What is Major Arcana?

Answer: – Major Arcana represents the major issues in life, the big things: life long dreams, life long problems, major life events, lifelong situations. It is our soul’s journey and our soul’s growth.

The Major Arcana contains the mysteries of the soul. Each card can open vast dimensions or spirituality to you if you study it will diligence and purity of purpose. Together, these 22 cards will take you into realms of higher consciousness and reveal vistas of esoteric knowledge that remain veiled to those who choose the more mundane paths of life.

In the story tarot tells, we are born the Fool, naïve and about to start a major journey; and at the end of our lives we experience the World, the end of that journey and the completion of the cycle.

Question: – How many cards are there in Major Arcana?

Answer: – There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana:-

The Fool Innocence, New Beginning, Open mind
The Magician Talented, Creative, Will, Communication
The High Priestess


Intuitive, Secretive, Knowledge, Mystery and Confident
The Empress Motherly, Fertility, Creation, productive, love, patience and beauty.
The Emperor Stability, Authority, Protective, Advisor and Fatherly


The Hierophant Beliefs, Tradition, Teacher , Consent and Blessings
The Lovers Partners, Lovers, Union, Combination, Relationship, Choice
The Chariot Transportation, Movement, Discipline, Control  and determination
Strength Inner strength, Courage, Power, energy and Vitality
The Hermit Solitude, Guidance, Wisdom, Soul-searching
The Wheel of Fortune Destiny, Cycle of life, direction, future, change, Opportunity, karma
Justice Legal, Balance, Equality, Justice, Law, Court, Ethics
The Hanged Man Surrender, New perspective, Restricted, Limited, Sacrifice, New Release
Death End, Destruction, Transformation, closure
Temperance Balance, control, alternative, experimenting and moderation
The Devil Anger, Violence, Jealousy, Selfishness, resentment
The Tower Destruction, Breakdown, Stress, downfall, loss, ruin and unexpected change
The Star Hope, Peace, renewal, opportunity, perspective and Astrology
The Moon Moody, the unconscious, the shadow self, dreams, beware
The Sun Success, happiness, abundance,, clarity, personal growth, self-acceptance
Judgement Renewal, Change, transfer, rebirth and forgiveness
The World Assured, positive, certainty, reward, success and time travel


Question: – What does it mean if you get many Majors Arcana in a spread? 

Answer: – It means there are big things in life which you need to look deeper in the initial question. When this happens repeatedly, it’s almost a guarantee that cards are asking you for a greater subtext and a self- inquiry.

There are many levels of interpretation to reach that deeper level. We need to understand the following things which are possible to interpret. They are:-

  • Practical
  • Psychological
  • Esoteric
  • Spiritual

For example, let’s look at one of your recurring cards, The Hanged Man.


On a Practical level, The Hanged Man says you need to look at the beliefs that causing you stress and hanging you up. To get rid of a limiting belief- create a new, opposing picture in your mind- affirm that the belief is not a reality, then generate the opposite emotions.

On a Psychological level, The Hanged Man tells when you fear change and fight your inner self by accepting your environment and circumstances- you become preoccupied with material matters and refuse to accept that there is more to life than the practical, rational world.

Some of the Esoteric consideration of this card include the Neptune Planet and 12 corresponds to the Hebrew Letter “Mem” which means water. Water reflects and reverses the images cast upon it. He is in the position of his choosing- a position of complete surrender.

On a Spiritual level, The Hanged Man it is a time to focus on psychic development and rising to a new level of vibration. Staying on the same level will only get you more of the same

The Major Arcana can work on any one of these levels or on several at the same time. You will instinctively know which ones apply to your present situation. The more you know about each card, the deeper you can go.

Question: – What are the Zodiac Signs and Planets of Major Arcana?

Answer: – The following Table shows information about the Planet and Zodiac Signs associated with a Tarot Card.

The Fool Uranus Planet
The Magician Mercury Planet
The High Priestess The Moon
The Empress Venus Planet
The Emperor Aries
The Hierophant Taurus
The Lovers Gemini
The Chariot Cancer
Strength Leo
The Hermit Virgo
The Wheel of Fortune Jupiter
Justice Libra
The Hanged Man Neptune
Death Scorpio
Temperance Sagittarius
The Devil Capricorn
The Tower Mars Planet
The Star Aquarius
The Moon Pisces
The Sun Sun Planet
Judgment Pluto Planet
The World Saturn Planet


Question:-  Are there any Pregnancy Cards in Major Arcana Cards? 

Answer:  Yes, from the Major Arcana there are two Cards one is The Empress Card and The Sun Card.

First we’ll talk about The Empress card which represents motherhood, Pregnancy and fertility as well as the conception. The Empress Card number is 3 and 3also means creation in Numerology. With Empress Card, there are multiple combinations which we can do, like, The Empress and The Sun means a healthy pregnancy. Empress and Strength means an extremely Fertile Woman.

The Sun card represents new life and growth and depicted upon it is a cherub, symbolizing to many a baby. Like The Combination of Lovers and Sun are twins or multiples.

Question: – Does Death Card mean physical death?

Answer: – No, this card does not mean anybody’s about to die. It means the end of something, with the chance for something new to begin. This card is about transformation which can often feel like a death when its force of impact hits hard.  It symbolises the Death of a situation in our lives. Here death means in literal sense it means like Death of a marriage, or a job, or a long held belief. Leaving home, leaving school etc. These are the normal deaths we all experience in life. Yes it is a positive progress when we leave something we get new something. This card tells not just these kinds of deaths in our lives, but most importantly how we react to them.

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