Numerology 2017 Yearly Predictions

How to calculate your year number for yourself.

For eg-Date of birth-11
Month of your birth-8
Current Year-2017

According to this method please calculate your number.

Number 1 Sun
This year will be important for you. If you make plans for your business then you will get a success. You will come in a contact to a new person they will help you. If you leave your anger, and temperament aside you will get success. You’ll benefit greatly from your recently learned life lessons in 2017 and will avoid making the same mistakes as in previous years. Your friends and family will play a huge part in your 2017 and will be there to guide you to success.

Number 2 -Moon
This year you will feel very attractive. You will make new friends and they will help you and you will also help them. Don’t get excited for anything and don’t take any decision in a haste. This year you will get married if you are unmarried. You will develop a more imaginative temperament which may help your romantic event this year. You expect a serious partnership, so be ready to make important decisions and act together, because other people can have strong influence on your business and plans.

Number 3 -Jupiter
This is the year of success. Financially this year is good for you. Before signing any documents read properly.Making organizing your diary a priority and you’ll notice that things will become much more stable. In the second half of 2017, you’ll be equally as lucky, things are looking very prosperous for you!

Number 4 -Rahu
This is a notable year. There will be number of changes and an atmosphere of unsettlement. You should avoid laziness and work with a determination. This year is of saving. If you save it will work for you in future. A year of hard work but in the end you will get a success.You need to conduct properly your own affairs.

Number 5 -Mercury
This year is pleasant year for you. There will be travels either for business or pleasure. If you take participation in any contest you will get success. You’ll be full of great ideas in 2017 and they will be very well thought through, success should be on the horizon! By springtime, you’ll have a business project planned out, although keep in mind that situations could change very quickly and that you can’t control everything!

Number 6- Venus
This is a year of social contacts and friendly atmosphere. A romance will lighten up your daily routine. You’ll be very active in searching for solutions to your problems and will eventually find the best one for you! 2017 could be the year you look for a new job opportunity; ask your close friends and family for some advice if you are hesitant. Decorate the place where you live, create coziness, but don’t forget about the world. Remember, love and sympathy are guaranteed to you only if you give them to others.

Number 7- Ketu
This is the year of peace and doubt. If you work away from your home you will get a success. Some self-reflection will help you figure things out! From outside you look strong, but really it is all an act, & from inside you are actually troubled by permanent doubts and questions, but don’t make this year a time for sulking, make sure the year is a fruitful one for you! You could be tempted to isolate yourself from your loved-ones this year but you’ll soon see the light, take some time to analyze your situation and ask yourself the right questions. Towards winter time you’ll suddenly feel stronger and will take control of your destiny.

Number 8- Saturn
This year your work will work like a tortoise with hurdles. All the indication point to a slow moving, rather ponderous trend with recurring delays and frustration. You could be troubled by aspects of your past coming back to haunt you in 2017, try to move on and put the past firmly behind you. Do everything you possibly can in order to steer the ship, but do it in a controlled way, don’t rush things; moving too quickly will weaken you!

Number 9- Mars
A year of variety experiences. Your psychological attitude towards this year is very important. You should cultivate the attitude that all the things come to an end-but to make way for the new.This year the circumstances are looking better than in previous years so work on achieving your goals. Your friendship group consists of all different types of people that could play apart in your success this year.



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