Tarot Symbols

6.The Lovers

A man and woman stand in what appears to be a garden, possibly the garden of Eden. Behind each is a tree.

Tree behind woman-Knowledge.

Tree behind man-Life.

An Angel-Blessings

A Cloud-Spirits joins the man and woman. Man is not aware of the angel and woman looks up to date the angel. Duality of men and women conscious/subconscious. The man looks for physical sense while the women goes within to connect with spirit for fulfillment in her life. Man wants directly and women wants him through angels.

Road-It shows that they can meet.

Purple Cloak-Royalty, how important communication is.

Sun-Positivity, Warmth.

Flames- Passion, concern of man 12 flames means 12 zodiac.

Snake-Symbol of time and eternity. Behind the women suggest the story of Adam and Eve.

Nudity-Their desire to be open and honest with each other they feel safe enough with each other enabling them to show their true self and be accepted who they are.

Lily-Purity, Innocence and Fertility.

It also suggest that there is someone interested in you or admiring you from a distance that you are not aware of their presence.


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