Ten of Pentacles- Status, Property, Ancestral Property, Money, 3 Generation Family, Wealth, Inheritance, Loyalty, Prosperity, Celebration, Gate Opening to Hidden experience in ordinary things.

It indicates the result of all forces both positive and negative and tells of an old cycle coming to completion a new cycle about to begin.


Elderly man and with well-groomed gray and a long beard. He sits on a comfortable but lavish seat decorate in vines and healthy bunches of Grapes.

Grapes- Wealth and Abundance as he sits in the ten of pentacles he gives his attention to his beloved dogs and constan companions.

2 Dogs- Best Friend, Loyal and Truth. We are on the right track as they are symbolic of stability and righteous.

One Child- Promise, Hope, Fresh, Start, New Beginning, New Ideas, New Venture.

City/Village-Gathering of people, Thoughts, Ideas, Energy, Harmony and Teamwork.

Arch-Opening, New Direction for the querent.

Flag- A good announcement to change an event to announce to all who will hear.

Staff-Support, Stability, Direction all single minds in thoughts as well as deed. First attempt.

He looks in through the archway at the man and woman with fondness and pride. These may be his son or daughter with their partner or they may be his grandchildren.

The couple and child can represent the hardworking parents who pass each other going in and out the door to work. The old Pentacle man is very aware of the sacrifices he made for his family. He feels reasurred that his life time work has not been in vain.


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