Tarot Symbols

White Dress-Purity of her motives.

Infinity-Things without beginning or end, the cycle of all life, what goes around comes round. She is not fear by lion.

Red Lion-Extreme passion, symbol of fire which burn with us. Lion is sticking out his tongue. He is happy to submit to the woman.

Yellow Background-Intellectual at play.

Lion is animal instinct, our desires, our passion etc. He traditionally represents our shadow self, the side of us that we generally keep to ourselves, the shadow that society and respectability demand we keep under control.

Woman is secretly terrified of what she is doing but she is prepared to face her fears, to take the risk. She is showing inner strength.

Left Arm-Mental Effort.

Right Arm-Physical Effort.

Crown-Most beautiful expression of nature.

Blue Mountain-Achievement, Courage and Aspiration.


Leminiscate – Energy of divine


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