Tarot Symbols

7.The Chariot

A man rides out of town in a chariot, stand tall, strong. Dressed in a battle attire and holds a wand in one hand.

Sphinx- Duality

One Sphinx-The heart and the other head, so we have mix emotions and practicality, masculine and feminine. He is mature enough to understand that he will get no where in life unless he learns how to control both his animal instinct and his emotions.

Black Sphinx-Emotional

White Sphinx-Practical and Positive.

Crown-Pentacles in a crown, perfection.

Horse-Speed of thought, Speed of action.

Moon-Influence and Development.

Silvered Moons on the Charioteer’s shoulder and at that top of his staff-More investigation must be made on his motives.

Wings-Inspiration and the Hindu sign of the union of positive and negative.

6 Pointed Canopy Star-Highest spiritual evolution.

Square Shape-Show strength of will.

0-Kundalini power which means bless.


Grey Chariot – Human Personality.

City-He has turned his back on materialism to seek spiritual matter. His face is out because he is busy in seeking knowledge.

Wreath- Victory and Success.


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