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Tarot Symbols

The Star

A naked woman kneels at a pool of water. The woman pours water from 2 jugs , one into the pool and the other onto the land.

Ibis-God Thoth.


Bird-Aspiration, Higher vibration.

Pool-Collective unconscious or universal.

In the star we see the woman take her inspiration from the large pool and gives life to it in the real world by pouring it onto the earth.

Pitchers-Symbolic of vessels containing the nectar of life, the healing water of peace.

Blue Pitcher-Water Element-Emotion motion it comes from her right hand and which deals with consciousness
symbol that we pour ourselves the energies that we are aware of, we should be the mindful of this process.

In her left hand (Unconscious) she pours (Emotions) from a red pitcher,Element-Fire-Passion.

Star-Guidance 7 stars means chakra, perfectly balanced.


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