Tarot Symbols

Seven of Wands

We see a man standing on top of a hill or cliff slide Armed with a long wand. His stance appears both aggressive and defensive as he uses all his energy to keep the crowd. He wears one boot and one shoe. He has many roles to play in his situation he caught unaware by be enemy at the gate and he is in rush to dress.

Blue Clear Sky-He can just hold his ground for long enough than he stands a very good chance of freeing himself from this trying situation.

Mountains/Cliffs- Triumph, challenges, realization where we are climbing, realization of our goals.

Rivers/Streams/waterfall-symbol of emotion and the subconscious, stirring movement of our deeper minds.

Rock-It subjects to its pull (we must not let our emotion run away from us, a lesson that we are not in control of our emotion and thought they control us.


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