Tarot Symbols

Two of CupsA man and woman stand facing each other. Each hold a large cup appear to be raising their cuo to each other as a toast. The couple gaze intensely at each other.

Caduceus-Peace, harmony, balance, duality, new partnership and serve as a message with honor and respect.

Woman’s white dress-Purity and innocence.

Over-garment of blue-Spirituality and understanding.

Man’s attire-Colorful clothes.

Wreath-Success and Victory.

Love nest on a hill-Couple has created their own world and by the looks of them can live happily there without any contact from the outside world.

Road-They are connected through the road.

Winged God and lion’s head-Sexual attraction, courage, royalty and protection, healing and wisdom.

Mountains-Some heights in a relationship.

Man-Action movement

Woman-Emotion, sensitivity, an appreciation of experience.


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