How to attract money?

Today I will talk about how to attract money there are many remedies to attract money but the most important thing is to be positive. When we are not positive we will not get the money we always say this thing I am not getting money we are cursing ourselves, say this thing I and my family have not seen money we are just creating the fears. We should not create fears Remedies Work only when we are positive.

Follow these easy remedies to attract money:-

Remedy No.1:-

Take a hundred rupees note or Rs.200 note and take money oil and anoint the money oil on the currency note both sides of the currency note. You don’t have to use this currency note you have to keep this currency notes when you get up early in the morning always kiss this currency note. Say any affirmation. You can say this I am getting money from all the sources from all directions without harming none.

Remedy No.2:-

You can do on Thursday cinnamon powder, nutmeg, and cloves make it powder, and burn it in charcoal. If you don’t want to burn you can sprinkle it in every area of your house.

Remedy No.3:-

Another remedy is every Thursday take a green candle and anoint it with money oil. When you are anointing candle with money oil do it from bottom to top because we are sending the energy to the universe. Chant Shreem’s mantra does it 21 times and then donates anything to cow do it for 21 Thursday.



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