Tarot Symbols

Three of Cups

Three woman dancing in a circle. They are involved in a toast of some kind for they raise their cups above each other’s head.They have cause to celebrate we can see the faces of all but one we can’t see.

Two of them have dressed their hair up with flowers while the other has left her hair flow loose. She is different from the rest. Surrounded by fruits, harvest time, abundance of fruits and vegetables. This card bring celebration, festivity.

Red clothes- Driving force behind their success or celebration.

Red UnderGarments-Ambitious person.

White Clothes-Purity, Innocence.

Over gown of yellow or orange- She is fired with enthusiasm, eagerness, warm and joyous.

Flowers- Beauty, Joy and compassion.

Grapes-Fertility, abundance and blessings.

Birth in a family (because it shows from two they become 3) or we can say that one is leaving because 2 dresses are same one is different. They are jumping on a height means a big achievement they got it.


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