Tarot Symbols

Queen of Cups

She is sitting on her throne as she gazes intently at the cups. She holds in her hands. This very stylish cup links the queen to one of her outstanding qualities. She stares deeply into it as if gazing into a Crystal ball. Her cloak reflects the colours of the sea as she sits with her feet in the watr and her throne on land. She is mature enough to know that she has to live in the physical world and therefore she must be practical.

White Gown-Purity of her heart and motive.

Her throne-Governing element (water). Pretty shells and pebbles lie in the sand at her feet and she may collect these to use in her arts and crafts or to decorate a shelf or windows.

Fish-Abide the flow.

Ocean- Infinite possibilities, mystery and depth. She is an excellent listener. When difficult decision have to be made she goes within and meditates on the situation. The cup she holds as her own creation. Pure element of water.



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