Knight of Swords – Arrogant, Handsome, Headstrong, Action, Hasty.


The Knight of Swords rides the fastest horse of all the knights. His horse is in full plight and the Knight him forth as if into battle. 

His sword is upraised and his mouth open as if saying charge.

Weather- Stormy.

Grey clouds race through the sky and trees in the background are blown by the strong wind.

Red Cloak- Passion puts into battle. He is impatient and restless and eager to engage in battle. He may have a habit of rushing into things without giving much thoughts. He does not mince his words. He is honest and frank.

Birds- Higher thoughts, and higher ideals.

Clouds – Higher thoughts and message from the divine sometimes confusion.

Horse – Strength, Motion, Action, Strong spiritual symbols.

Give us pause to consider where we are charging and why. The Knight of Swords can represent Aries and Gemini if with lovers. He recognize no limits. He is perhaps nervous of being quietly alone with himself.



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