Queen of Swords – Strong, Intuitive, Sensing, Domination, Quick Thicker, Perceptive, Widowhood.


White Dress – Pure motives.

Butterflies- She has to use her mind and logic to change the way she thinks about the world and about herself.

Clear Sky – Clear Thinking and Can manage to keep her head above the clouds or any confusion.

Clouds – Represent her past, Thoughts, Message.

Bird flying overhead-High ideals and principles. Her ability to rise above any conflicts or trouble in order to view it.

She holds her swords in her right hand while left hand is raised in the air. She has the ability to look at both sides of a situation when making her decisions. She has no time for lies and cover-ups may be unmarried, divorcee, widow. She can be blunt in her dealing she deals with her own life in her own way. She is quick minded, talkative and very intelligent woman.


Rose-Purity, Promise, hope, beauty



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