Page of Swords- Talkative, Curious, Restless, Energetic, Message, Communication by e-mail etc.

The Page of Swords is the element of the Air- Mentality and Communication. How we think, Our thoughts, Our logic, our ability to learn by allowing our brains to accumulate. He is a powerful force to be hold and admire.

A young child with a sword over his left shoulder. He has a very fast mind and it needs to be able to move as fast as it can.

Yellow Clothes-Intellect and knowledge it also represent the Sun.

Red Boot- Passion.

White Clothes-Much thinking, Active, Mental activity.

Bird- Gift has been given, find the facts, truth and a solution, Higher thoughts, Higher ideals. They also represent freedom.

His head is full of thoughts, ideas and plans. He can communicate well.

Cloud- Revelation, Higher thoughts and message from the divine sometimes confusion or clouded.

Tree and his hairs is also moving means some problem will shake.

One leg is not in a position mean some leg problem can occur. Very young to be mature, some problems will come.

Follow your passion.

Element of the Air- Mentality and Communication.


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