Ten of Swords – Stabbed at the back, Defeat, betrayal, loss.


He has terrible troubles an unbalanced mind and worried and afraid he was not safe. A body lies down in the sand. Badly wounded, his life-blood flowing from his body, the sand stained deep red. It was over and he knew it. The end was coming. His head facing the dark night sky and the blue ocean before him. He looked far across the water to escape.

Sun began to rise- Positive energy.

Mountain – Challenges, Aspiration.

Ocean-Infinite possibilities, mystery and depth.

Black-Absence of a light, In a dark not want to see the light at all.

Complete surrender to the abyss is our only option. After watching the water he felt relaxed. He would be like to living as a normal person. He is watching the sky with yellow light.



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