Nine of Swords- Nightmare, Depression, Sick with worry, Anxiety, Stress can’t think straight, Guilt, Regret can’t cope, The moment of agony, of dissolution.


The woman in a bed, she has either been woken from her restless sleep or more than likely cannot sleep at all.

Bed to rest, to sleep, to escape from the stress.

She may have been woken from her sleep by a nightmare. She is in terrible state of sorrow. She cannot share her problems or express them properly. She sits there holding her head and is probably crying her eyes out.

Black Background- Depression, Absence of colour. She has kept her problems to herself.

Colourful duvet on the bed- warmth and comfort.

If she pulled duvet over her instead of leaving it at the end of the bed, she may feel better, safe.

Blanket- Comfort. In a blanket there is a design of fruits and flowers means there is a growth, abundance.

Bed- Our dreaming life and those thoughts we keep in the realm of fantasy.

Black- Absence of light. In a dark not want to see the lights at all.

Angel- Blessings



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