Eight of Pentacles- Learning Student, Learning From Past Mistakes, Quality, Time of Learning, Patience, Skills, Innovation, Creativity.

It is a card which indicates potential and accomplishment. It reminds us that we only get what we put in.


A man on a bench Red Trousers -Passion and dedication he has for his work and the sheer devotion behind every hammer strike.

Hammer- Getting the point across or getting the job done.

Blue Top- Deep Spiritual aspective and creative inspiration behind all his work of art. He feels his work on a deep level.

He is putting the finishing touch to the last three. He has already completed five Pentacles and they are hung on hooks on the wall besides where he works he has not matured into the skilled craftsman or tradesman who pays meticulous attention to the quality of his work.

Backsides City- Safe, Security, Energy and Ideas.

Bench- Take a time to examine the details or savor the situation expressed in the card.

Yellow Road- Mental Action.

Red Trouser- Passion and dedication for his work.



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