Nine of Pentacles-Well Known in Society, Plenty of Money, Good Situation, Socialite, Security, Growth, Confidence and Prosperity.

It tells that the luxuries of life are at your fingertips. Hardwork will pay off and you will be recognized.


We see lovely house in the background the beautiful countryside environment. She has chosen to live in. She has achieved this success all on her own.

Vines with bunches of ripes grapes grow- Prosperity she has created.

Snail- Time it takes to reach a target or goal. Snail is also telling that she does not have control over everything. Money can’t buy you everything. She may learn to live in balance and harmony with her surroundings instead of trying to suppress it.

Falcon Bird- Vibrancy and Power, Potency, Imagination, Intellect, Spirit.

Fruits-Growth, She is aware of the good things in her life. Success but not simply the material benefits, it means as well as the sense of certainty that comes with knowing one has made the right choices and followed them with necessary action. An entry through the gate of this card will help bring one to the joy of the true discipline.


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